A few more pictures
from Coldwater...
A few more pictures
from Coldwater...
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Date: June 28,2011
Time: 9:06 pm CST
Location: Springfield, Illinois

Weather: Sunny!
Temp: 81 F

Gas: $3.49
So my computer is doing interesting things, making it hard to change photo sizes to
upload onto the wesbite. So I am going to do my best to give you some pictures!
Great news, we are next to a starbucks, so I know I will have a great cup of coffee
in the morning! Yessssss...

Yep, I cried this morning. I am such a mush. But, I don't get to see my grandma too
much and no matter how long I stayed I'd still cry going out the door. She stood
outside and waved goodbye all the way around the corner. I felt so bad. But I think
I have her convinced to fly out next summer. SO JAMES, DON'T LET ME

I've added some pictures of Hell, Michigan. Don't scroll too fast, you'll miss them.  
Same with the town, if you are driving along and then sneeze, you will drive right
through it. The folks there really got into their jobs. They welcomed you in, talked
with you, and really shared in the going to Hell experience. This was one of
Grandma's favorite stops.

I posted out a number of postcards to people. I tried to remember everyone, but if I
amissed you, sorry!  It wasn't on purpose. The postcards are stamped with "I've
Been to Hell!" and then they are burned and cancelled to be mailed from Hell. I
heard it is a very popular place to go to if you want to mail your income tax papers.
The store is called, "Hell in a Handbasket." They are generally open from 9-9

Today we drove on to Springfield, Illinois.  We got in late afternoon and went over
to the Lincoln Presidential Museum.  This was a really nice museum.  No pictures
allowed. Soooooooo, I don't have any real photos to share today. Tomorrow we
will be heading to the Lincoln Home Site and to the Lincoln Tomb.  After reading
about Lincoln's life, and doing the interactive things in regard to the civil war, I have
learned more than I knew, and made more of a connection with the man we know
as "Honest Abe."