Coldwater, Michigan
and other Michigan Locations
Date: June 28, 2011
Time: 6:50 am EST
Location: Coldwater, Michigan

Weather: Sunny!
Temp: 64 am

Gas Prices: $3.39
All good things must come to an end.  I have enjoyed being with my grandma this week.  We saw and did so many things.  We
even went to hell and back. We'd et up in the morning with plans to go here and there and somewhere else.  We went to Grand
Rapids and braved the rain!  We went to the Gerald Ford museum and the Frederick Meijer gardens, The Henry Ford Museum
and Greenfield Village.  We Went to Frankenmuth and Hell!  My grandma said that she would go to Hell with us as long as we
went to Hell and back!

Sometimes the drive on the freeways and highways were a little scary.  Not due to traffic, but the deer that would line up on the
side of the road and try to cross as traffic was going 70 MPH.  As we drove down the freeway everyone was hollering out,
"Deer!", "Deer!" "Deer to the right!"

Once we returned from bring out, often late days and tiring walks, we'd eat dinner and then play train dominos or uno. It was a lot
of fun, we'd laugh and laugh.  I'm going to miss grandma. She was so glad the boys didn't call her great grandma!  She said she
felt so much younger!

I don't have a lot of time to write here, so I can do some updates when I get home.  I am also having trouble resizing and saving
pictures today, SOOOOoooooo.... once I get home I will be adding photos and updating with more information.  So, sorry no
Hell pictures today.

We are getting ready to head out.  I am sure I am going to cry on my way out. I love my grandma.  I will miss Sierra and Aaron,
James, Aunt Deana, and Uncle Jim!  They are always so excited to see us.I am glad that James and Aaron and Sierra went with
us antiquing! I will miss you guys too! We will have to come back soon!  Love to Deana and Jim!  To the family at home, we will
see you soon! Love to you all!

Coldwater, Michigan
and other Michigan Locations
Henry Ford Museum- Car Kennedy was assassinated in