Day 6
De Smet, South Dakota to Moline, Illinois
De Smet, South Dakota to Moline, Illinois
Good morning! Ahhhhh, it is 8:01 on June 21.  We expect to
arrive in Coldwater late this afternoon as we will go through
another worm hole and lose an hour of time.  We will also be
on the hunt for fun things right off the interstate to see as we
head into Wolverine country.

Yesterday was a great day, but a long day.  We got up and
took a tour of the corn palace as always.  Pappy, I got
myself a corn cob pipe so we can sit on the porch together,
smoke some cherry blend, and say, "Righto! Good day chap!
Carry on!"

We drove on up to De Smet where there is a smallish
community and the site of the Ingalls Homestead.  The
books that Laura Ingalls wrote when she was in her 60's
came from all her experiences with her family in various
locations that they lived.  Some places include: wisconsin,
minnesota, South Dakota, and Kansas.  Each book that she
wrote was a story or what life was like at each of these
places.  The book, "By the Shores of Silver Lake" was the
story of De Smet.  We saw a dugout home and shanty as
well as a reconstruction of Ma's  house.  We went on a
covered wagon ride to the school house where Rick got in
trouble for not filling the water container and had to put his
nose on an x on the board. :) Ha.. glad she didn't call on me,
but I think I have a new classroom punishment.  Can I
legally do that??

I got a bunch of stuff together to put into a virtual field trip
box to share with my class.  Should be a nice touch.  I
learned how to make a simple game and will include those in
as well.

After we left there it was a LONG drive to Moline, Ill. We
stopped in to see the Jolly Green Giant.  Still no green beans
or peas, nor any fruit of the looms.  Hmmm...

We continued on down the road, and for the second time
saw the Mississippi in the dark.  Perhaps we will back track
a few this morning to go back and see the Mighty Miss.

Thinking about the John Deere tractor Pavillion this
morning, but not sure yet.  Ok all, talk with you soon.  Not
sure if I can get much internet in Coldwater as Grandma is
technology challenged.  But perhaps I can go steal uncle
Jim's internet, who am I kidding.... Aunt Deana's internet
long enough to pop in a few pictures and update this.

All my best.  OOOOHHHHH... going to get to see fireflies!!!

Date: June 20, 2011
Time 11:30 p.m. CST
Location: Moline, Illinois

Weather: Rainy on and off
Temp: A sultry 77 F

Gas: $3.53 gallon
Now that the boys are trained, I won't have to do laundry anymore.