Coldwater, Michigan
Coldwater, Michigan
Date: June 23, 2011
Time: 8:30 pm EST
Location: Coldwater, Michigan

Weather: Rain, rain, more rain,
tornado watches, rain, rain....
Temp: 68 F

Gas: $3.69/gallon
So when we came into Coldwater (June 21, 2011) there was a touch of rain, but nothing major. About an hour after we
got in the rain came POURING down.   The thunger began, lightening, and fierce winds! We were in the red on the radar
and were issued tornado warning through the night.  We asked Grandma where we would go if there was a tornado
because she lives in a mobile home, and she told us that we'd have to go down to the brick hospital building. IT WAS
INSANE! I haven't been around all that stuff in so many years it was weird to be in the midst of all that. Apparently 2
weeks ago one came through the east side of Coldwater and blew the roofs off some buildings and tore out a few trees.

We've been hanging out with Grandma, watching America's got Talent, and Voice, visiting Aunt Deana, Uncle Jim, Sierra,
and Aaron, and dodging rain drops. Today (June 23, 2011) we drove up to Grand Rapids and went to the Gerald R Ford
Presidential Museum and tomb.  We also went to Frederick Meijers Gardens.  We saw the Leonardo's horse again, and
saw a lot of Chihuly art glass.  It rained a lot so we didn't do too much outside walking.  There is a large green house that
houses various types of gardens, from arid deserts, to tropical rainforests. While we walked through the children's garden
Peter heard one of the deocent say over the loud speaker, " you should come and see how big Jack's Beans stalk is!"
Moments later a child screamed and the boys said, "I think he saw Jack's beanstalk!"

I've been listening to stories that grandma is telling me and trying to write things down as she does.  I have heard and seen
a lot of family history.  It is something we should all take our time to do... talk, listen, learn about your history.  Find out
who you are and where you came from.

Continuing the fun until next week and then we are heading back on the road home.

Almost time to play Uno!