Wyoming and Utah
Wyoming and Utah
Last day before the one last leg home! It was a hot day!  The drive itself wasn't too long, but we stopped at a
couple of places that were really interesting.  Again the theme of Pioneering came along this morning with an
impromptu stop in Fort Bridger.  This is now a regular community but was started by a man who came along
and set up a fur trading post. His name was James Bridger.  He intended to trade and sell goods with the
Native people and with wagon trains, and peioneer companies coming through the area. The fort was a small
and often times described, disappointing fort with goods that cost more than one could afford.  The mormon
handcart companies that came through brought news to their Prophet Brigham Young, that the fur trader was
selling illegal goods to natives and others.  These goods consisted of alcohol and ammunition.  Brigham Young
sent a militia group down to the fort and took over things. James Bridger, after having run away before they
got there, came back and demanded to be paid for the items the militia destroyed.  Brigham Young offered to
pay him $8,000 for it, and James Bridger only received half until years after he died and his family wanted
restitution for the loses. The fort was flooded by the local river so some areas we were unable to get into, but
for the most part we were able to see the general buildings that still exsisted or had been restored.

The origial restored fort was, well, disappointing in size and or granduer.  It looked like a bunch of twigs
sharpened at the ends and put together with spit and mud. The grounds allowed one to imagine being part of
the US regiments in the area who eneded up taking the fort from both James Bridger and Brigham Young.

There were officers cabins and grand victorian homes, all the way down to the basic laundry facilties and
Wyomings first school house. It was again, a nice connection to what seemed to be a running theme, Pioneers
and Civil War.

After we left there we drove into Utah.  The ride down, down, down, down, was intense. A truck almost
rolled infront of us. He was driving too fast to be going down a 6% grade and the wind was blowing.  The
whole truck started to sway and bounce, I thought he was going over the cliff in front of us. I bet his bum
puckered, I know it made my knees weak.

People in Salt Lake drive like freaks. They were all over the road like they were on a speedway.  It was
anything but relaxing. I was glad when we finally made our turn toward the Bingham Copper Mine.  This was a
great stop in the road.  This is the world's largest open pit mine.  They mine copper here and do get some
other precious metals such as gold and silver.  This operation runs 24/7 with HUGE dumptrucks and cranes
working day in and day out.  The trucks are enormous, but they looked so tiny at the bottom of the pit.  
AMAZING views.  I grabbed the 20 minutes video at the visitor center to show people. Holy smokes... it was

We made it to our room and took a swim, and headed for bed. Everyone else is sleeping except me. I am the
die hard who wants to get updated before crashing for the night. So, here are some shots from today's
adventures. Love to you all! We will be home late tomorrow. It will be good to see the cats, and sleep in my
own bed. Oh, and not drive 7 or more hours a day. :) That and have a glass of California wine. I had some of
that out of state stuff... I won't give you my opinion, I have some in the truck.. you let me know what you think.


Date:July 2, 2011
Time: 10:28 pm MST
Location: N. Salt Lake City

Weather: Clear Skies!
Temp: 91 F at 5 pm

Gas: $3.89/gal

(I did two days of logs today, so
there are overlapping dates and