South Dakota and Wyoming
When traveling around you never really know what you are going to do or what you
are going to see.  We've been traveling now for almost 3 weeks and we have seen a
lot, experienced a lot, and met people from all over the United States.  There is so
much still to do and see that my bucket list won't get any shorter, just longer as I
realize what is still out there to be seen.

It has been a long drive through some gorgeous country today so I don't want to spend
my sleeping hours adding a lot of information. I will keep it brief.  Yesterday (June
30) we went to the Atka Lakota Native American museum in Chamberlain South
Dakota.  The history of the Lakota Sioux was displayed in a chronological order with
many photos, and depitions of their lives from the prehistory records through today.  
Much of what was quoted by the Lakota were words I will not soon forget. The price
they paid in lives was greater than ever should have occured in this nation.

We continued on down the road where we stopped into a place called Pioneer Auto
Show Museum. This was pretty cool. LOADS of old cars and tractors and great
building displays. The General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard was on display as well
as Elvis's motorcycle.

We got to the hotel room, went to the pool, and then headed back to the room. The
internet connection was spotty to say the least so I opted out of fighting to update. I
watched a little TV when the boys woke me up freaking out about a storm. So I
looked out the window.  In the dark it looked like a hurricane, but of course South
Dakota doesn't get hurricanes. Then I thought, Tornado! I couldn't get onto the
internet on my phone to check the local conditions, and the power went out, so we
wacthed the wind whip around the trees and poles.  The cars in the parking lot were
bobbing around like boats on the rough seas. Lightning was flashing, but not so much
thunder.  Huge gales whipped the windows and creaked the whole building.  We sat in
the dark looking out the window when we heard a smash of glass. Not knowing what
happened I really began to wonder. So I was able to send a text to my sister Joi back
in CA and had her check the local conditions. We both were finally able to get the
info on a severe thunderstorm.  The wind gusts were up to 60 mph and there was hail
about the size of quarters. The kids were freaking out a bit but when the window
broke, they were freaking out a lot. Trust me, my adrenaline kicked up.  I had no idea
if things were going to go into the direction of needing to take shelter somewhere else
or not. The  weather reports estimated that by 11 pm the worst would be over, and
thankfully they were right.  In the morning we found that one of the panes of windows
in the neighbors window had started vibrating in the high winds and ended up
smashing on the sidewalk below. We survived, and lived another day to tell another

Today we went to Wall Drugs and a few side stops on the road in regard to the
Oregon, California, and Mormon trails that wound thier way through the plains of
Wyoming.  Long driving day that is why it is so late! So I am getting ready to hit the
hay. I will add photos later. The program I use to resize pictures is being a pain in the

So, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.

Peter and Billy say, "Happy Canada Day!"
Date: July 1,2011
Time: 10:39 pm MST
Location: Rawlins, Wyoming

Weather: Partly Cloudy
Temp: 69 F current H 81 F

Gas Prices: $3.32 Gilette WY
Flooding along the Missouri river in the town of Chamberlain.  The main
bridge over the river was unaffected, but another smaller bridge was
closed and being worked on. You can see there is still massive amounts
of flooding with no relief in sight. The main bridge on 90 was above the
missouri but not by a whole lot. Hopefully it recedes before another
large storm like we had in Murdo.
Who cares
about the
General Lee!
Daisy Duke is
I got a new Le Car!