Wyoming & South Dakota
Day 4
Wyoming & South Dakota
One thing I know is that there are a lot of cowboys in this area!  I really feel like I am in
the country.  Relaxing. The geology of the area is amazing.  I want to load more photos
here but it takes sooooooo long jus to upload the 14 pictures I do each night. I try to
pick ou the highlights.  We woke up this morning and took a walk around the thermal hot
springs.  There wasn't as much water in the springs as I expected but the river next to it
was quite full!  It smelled like eggs that had been left out on a hot sun porch for a few
weeks. It was either or the hot springs or someone was passing some serious windage!

We headed for the Wyoming Dinosaur Center.  It has been up and running for about 20
years and have 40-50 current dig sites within a few miles of the center.  We took a bus
up to the top of a very windy, steep, one lane, bumpy, gravel road where we were given
a tour of the dig site. It was an Allosaur feeding site.  Buried in the rock was a saurapod
that had been killed and eated by allosaurus. Further down the road they were in the
process of digging up 2 full allosaurus skeletons. Did I tell you I like fossils?

After leaving we headed east to Deadwood South Dakota. We rolled in about 5:00 p.m.
had some dinner and took a walk in the cemetary where Wild Bill Hickcock and
Calamity Jane are buried. Deadwood is a big town with a lot of action going on!  Tonight
there were some free concerts in the main town so many of the roads were blocked off.
Tomorrow we plan to go into town and see what we can see.  We are also going to go
to Bear Country USA, Ellsworth AFB where we will check out their air and space
center and minute man missles. Then off to our very favorite Wall Drugs (trust me this
place is awesome)! And down the road to a few other small museums until we reach
Mitchell where we will stay the night. So, I will check in with you all tomorrow. Thanks
for keeping up with us each day! I am impressed. :)

Love to you all,
Date: June 18, 2011
Time:8:30 pm
Location: Deadwood, South

Temp: 73 F
Weather:  Nig puffy white
clouds! Nice!

Gas: $3.53/gal Buffalo, WY