Date: June 16, 2011
Time: 9:17 mst
Location: West,Yellowstone

Temp: 37.4 F
Weather: Rainy, windy, snowy

Gas Prices: $3.69/gal
West Yellowstone, Montana
West Yellowstone, Montana
Day 2
For Fun Facts of Montana!
For Fun Facts of
So I awoke this morning only to find that the coffee sucked. What can I expect though? I am sitting in a Best
Western in the  middle of Idaho. Peter may have been enjoying himself as there was a cowgirl rodeo competition
and all the young ladies at the hotel were dressed in western wear. Rhinestone belts, cowgirl cut jeans and tops...
he said, "Wow you know you are in Idaho when the girls walk around in spurs."  Idaho isn't exactly a coffee
state.  Finding a Starbucks is far and few between, finding a Peat's, unheard of. So my cup of dish water had to
suffice until I found something better. We hit the road a bit after 8 this morning and headed for Idaho Falls.

Upon arrival I ran across the Idaho Falls temple, the Snake River (again, what a surprise) and YES!!!! A
STARBUCKS! Ahhh, all I wanted was a reagular Pike's grande, no cream, no sugar, black like I like my
Guiness.  Hot cup 'o crusty coffee. MMmmmmmm. It was devilishly cold, and I thought to myself, "Holy
Smokes, I don't have anything warmer than a sweat shirt jacket as we are supposed to be going into places that
are pushing 100 F. The wind whipped up and I turned up the truck heater. Brrrr.

We made our way through Wyoming where we stopped to get gas at a Chevron where Billy commented, "You
know your in Wyoming when people go to the local gas mart on an ATV."

We wound our way into the Grand Tetons.  We discussed how the explorers must have named the rocks,
(french accent) "zzes rocks, zay look like teats... I sink we should name zem aftair womens breasts! We shall call
zem, zee Grand Tetons!"

As we entered into Yellowstone it got colder.  The temps went from 50 to 43, then to 41.  Still all I had was a
sweat shirt jacket so we whipped into Old Faithful geyser area and bought a warm jacket. Now I look like a
pink Stay Puft marhmellow woman, but I am warm.

We stopped to look at many of the large geysers and pools.  The micro organisms and bacteria were so colorful
that the  pools were just amazingly bright.  My hands were freezing as I tried to take photos in between shivers
and teeth chattering. I actually enjoyed standing in the sulfer mists because it radiated heat.  The bison knew what
they were doing hanging around the geothermal sites. I would too.   Speaking of bison, at once point the whole
road just plain stopped for what seemed like ages... found out it was a herd of bison crossing the road, taking
their sweeeeeeeeet time.  All the babies were following the cows across the road.  They would wander down the
road for a bit, then cross a few, then wander, then cross, took forever!

We finally decided to head into West Yellowstone to check into our room.  As we headed back it started to rain,
and then SNOW! It only lasted a few minutes, but sheesh! I haven't seen snow snowing for years... it melted just
as fast as it fell.  We made it, obviously into West Yellowstone, and am now updating pictures and blogging to
you.  Send me emails with any questions you might have about where we are or what we are doing and I can see
if I can post an answer tomorrow night.  Hopefully each night's internet connection will rock!

Love to all my friends and family. :)

Osprey nest
"You know you're in Wyoming when you find arches all over town made out of antlers.  Kinda