Average temp 75 F (VERY WINDY)
Average Gas prices $4.07 as low as
Current Location: Wall, South Dakota
June 28, 2008
I just LOVE roadside attractions!
Have you ever wondered what the Jolly Green Giant wears under his leafy wrestling suit?
Probably not, but since I found this road side attraction in Blue Water, Minnesota I am
going to tell YOU!  NOTHING! He has on NOTHING!  I've got proof too.
I saw a sign on the side
of the road, "60 ft Jolly
Green Giant!" So we
took a quick detour and
in and amongst the
trees was this big green
giant.  It was too early
for the souvenir shop to
be open so I was unable
to by salt and pepper
shakers, mini statues, or
another spoon for my
spoon collection.  
Anyway, I walked up to
him and looked up and
'lo and behold, there
was no underwear and
he is not anotomically
correct.  Hmmmmm.
There I am under the crotch of a 60 foot giant.
To think, I would have missed
this if I had flown across
America instead of driving.
We continued down Interstate 90 at 70 MPH in raging wind and got the crappiest gas mileage ever.  The
wind was either blowing toward us or against us but we had NO tail wind to take the pressure off the
engine, Hybrid or not, everyone got BAD BAD BAD gas mileage today.  Hopefully tomorrow will be
Another interesting side note
was this HUGE truck in the rest
area.  Everyone was out taking
pictures, counting axles, and
tires. I counted 20 axles, 78
tires, and took a handful of
pictures myself. I don't know
what it was hauling, or what
kind of truck it was but I was
sure glad I wasn't driving it!
We continued down the road with empty bladders and a need for more road side attractions. I kept
yawning and nearly falling asleep.  The hotel coffee is just bad and I didn't have any real caffiene to
help me out this morning.  We pulled off in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to get gas and find a Starbucks
or coffee house of some kind.  While searching for Starbucks we came across the USS South Dakota
Battleship Memorial.  It cost SD $100,000 for the few pieces they could gather together from the ship
to put into their museum and memorial.  After that the Navy sold the ship for $400,000 to scrap.  Too
bad really.   I know you are dying to know, YES... I found a Starbucks... mmmmmmmm Sumatra.
Back on the road again to make the great trek across South Dakota.  We stopped at exit 170, 1880's
Town.  Another roadside attraction.  There was a lot of memorabilia from the movie Dances with
Wolves and all the buildings came from various places in South Dakota.  All the buildings were old
1800's building, banks, fire station, jail house, saloon etc.  The buildings were all placed to resemble
an entire town.  Most buildings were restored or placed in arrested decay.
"Notice! Use red cob first then
use white cob to see if you need
to use red cob again."
Time to catch some ZzzZzZZzzz's in this not so lovely Best Western.  I will be filling out a
comment card about this place.