Average temp 78 F (VERY Humid)
Average Gas prices $3.99 as low as
Current Location: Albert Lea,
June 27, 2008.
After packing back up for the 500 bajillionth time we headed out on the road toward Baraboo Wisconsin to
see the Circus Museum.  Almost immediatly we were detoured.  SO we drove a few miles off course to get
back onto the road we wanted.  Apparently there was a bridge out.  We drove through some pretty country
and got back onto the road.  Almost immediately we were detoured again due to another bridge out.  Now I
was getting concerned.  All these bridges out bothered me with all the flooding happening in the surrounding

We finally made it through all the detours.  As we drove along I saw a swath of land that looked rather
strange.  All the trees in a strip on both sides of the road were broken off about 19 feet off the ground.  The
whole area was wiped clean.  All that was left standing were bare tree trunks 10 feet high with broken tops.  
After driving through, it occured to me that this area was probably hit with a tornado not too long ago.  It
looked like a tornado definitely could have done that kind of damage.  I was so facinated by it that I never
took a picture. I know... have a heart attack, I didn't take a shot!

We finally made it down to Baraboo.  We drove back to the old wintering grounds of many circus's of the
past including, most notably, Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus.  Many of the buildings were built
in 1897, some in the early 1900s.  There were train cars that advertised ahead of the circus as well as
MANY wagons used to bring in the animals and circus gear including the big top and grand stands.

We watched a few acts and then went to look at the wagons.  The sky loomed overhead.  It appeared to
want to pour on us!  As we continued our walk we heard sirens that reminded me of the sirens in Chicago
that warned us about severe weather such as tornadoes.  It sure made my stomach do a flip flop.  No one
else seemed to be too concerned though!

Starbucks are still far and few between.

The humidity today got Rick thinking that he might not want to move out this way!
Round pole, poor balance, BUT I MADE IT!
I showed the boys a faster way to get home!
I'm so hot!
Someone really should tell him that those pants just
don't work for guys.