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Current Location: Marinette, Wisconsin
June ? 2008
I have to think about it...
Ooohh June 26, 2008
Ok, so I am on vacation, I have lost all track of time and date.  I have no
idea half the time, what time it is let alone what the date is.  Did a lot of
driving today as we left Coldwater at 8:30 this morning.  I haven't
loaded any pictures yet because I got into Wisconsin too late so I am
going to have to let you simmer on that and wait until I get them posted.  
Brief notes though, we went to Macinac Island today.  It was a really
beautiful little town without cars.  Everything is kept in the 1800's style
and horses deliver everything.  I will update more after I get some
sleep.  Tomorrow we are off to Baraboo, Wisconsin for the Circus
World Museum.  My grandpa Walt's grandfather used to work for the
circus and help advertise ahead of an on coming circus by train
(grandpa Walt drove trains.)  This is where they wintered so I thought it
might be interesting to check it out. Should be a barrel of laughs.
OK! Pictures are added and there are explanations and
comments underneath, ENJOY!
While in Coldwater I went to 2 of Aaron's games, and one of Sierras.  It was fun to watch them play.  Aaron did
a good job.  Above, Uncle Jim is pictured enjoying the game.  Since he doesn't like his picture taken I had to use a
telephoto lens from  a distance.  :) Sneak attack.I am going to miss being around everyone, it was a lot of fun.
The last day in Coldwater led me to this
museum.  This house hasn't been occupied
since 1974.  It is called the Wing House
Museum.  All the furnishings are ones that
were in the house when it was lived in over
all the years of it's entire existence.  The
house was built in the mid-late 1800's.  It is a
really nice artifact from that time period.
Winghouse Museum
This is a BIG music box of
sorts.  It sounded really neat.  I
told Rick I want one for the
living room.
This is the train station in coldwater.  It runs steam trains now for weekend excursion rides.
Coldwater is gorgeous.  It is a nice town with all the amenities.  Applebees, Super Walmart, Hospital, old
town, Big Boys and more! All I keep hearing from Rick now is, "I want to move to Coldwater. I could get
used to the weather." and I keep responding with, "It snows, and it is humid, but the lightening bugs are

We left in the morning and drove to Macinaw City.  It took about 4 hours to get there from Coldwater.  We
rode a ferry over to the island.  The island is all bikes, pedestrians, and horses.  We bought tickets to go into
some of the historic buildings on the island.  We went to the fort where we watched civil war era soldiers
fire their guns, demonstrate marching, and cannon firing.  We walked to the Grand Hotel (featured in the
movie, "Somewhere in Time.")  We were greeted by SUPER SNOBS who said, in order to look inside the
hotel if I was not a guest it would cost each of us 15 bucks, so I opted NOT to do it.  60 bucks to walk
through a hotel lobby is insane.  I took pictures of the outside and then went shopping in the old town area.
Heading North!
Macinac (Macinaw) Bridge
Civil war era soldier recreation at the fort.
Fort Schoolhouse.  I want the teachers desk!
Grand Hotel featured in the movie,
"Somewhere in Time"  beware there is a
15$ fee just to walk into the lobby if you
aren't a guest. Hence, no lobby photos.
Overview of Macinac Island downtown.
Apparently this outfit wasn't
snobby enough to get into the