Average temp 77 F
Average Gas prices $4.05 as low as $3.99
Current Location: Coldwater, Michigan
June 20-23, 2008
Everything is really well here in Michigan.  We have been experiencing many
thunderstorms and my Uncle Jim looks at me like I am nuts when I get all excited about
a storm.  Where I live we don't get many major storms and we definitely don't get many
thunderstorms and lightening.  We had dinner all together one night, watched Aaron and
Sierra (my cousins) play baseball, drove to Holland, Michigan and into Grand Rapids to
see Frederick Meijers gardens.  One of the days we drove to Belleville, Michigan to see
my grandmother on my dads side as well as my dads sister Gloria.  Gloria was gracious
enough to load us up in her car and drive us around Belleville and show me the
important highlights of my dad's life.  Considering that gas is so expensive I was totally
grateful.  The local museum is having an exhibit for my grandparents.  Unfortunately the
musuem was closed and I was unable to see the exhibit.

I will add a few pictures below from some of the places and things we have seen since
we have been here.
Exhibit at the Belleville Museum
My grandparents home where my father grew up, now
is for sale so I went to say goodbye to it.  Joi, it still
has the smell in the greenhouse that we remember.
The Lasalle statue that my
grandfather and
commissioned for Victory
Peter, Billy, Brenda, Grandma
Gregory, and Aunt Gloria.
Uno with Grandma Mary.  It gets
crazy when this game is played!  We
spend most nights playing until 11:00
Holland, Michigan. Windmill Island.
There's me, really, look hard, bottom of the
bronze statue of Davinci's Horse. I don't look
fat from such a distance.
Slinky, Slinky!
Braiding Sierra's hair.
Hmm, I thought you said you didn't
wear your baseball cap much
anymore??  (Uncle Jim)
Billy, Peter, Brenda, Sierra, Aaron, James, Grandma
Mary, Aunt Deana.
Shopping in Coldwater at the strawberry