Current Location: Coldwater, Michigan
Temp at arrival 73 F
Average gas prices: $4.195 gallon
June 19/20, 2008
So we got up this morning and and went over to the Black Hills Dinosaur Institute this morning
after spending a night in Hill City, South Dakota.  We were woken up during the night after 2
BIG AWESOME, COOL, RADICAL storms rolled through. Man! I miss storms like that.  The
lightening was flashing one bolt after another and the thunder kept rumbling, the rain poured
and poured and poured! Sooo cool.  I have run into a lot of storms on my way across the

The Black Hills Institute was really neat.  There were 2 almost complete skeletons of TRexs.  I
really liked the musuem.  There were even fossilized dinosaur prints.  I've added some photos.
We continued on our ride and ended up at a tourist trap in Wall, South Dakota.  Ok, 6 foot bunny
rabbits and dinosaurs, 5 cent coffee and FREE icewater!  If ever you needed a gift, this is the
place to find it.  Jack-a-lopes, knives, weapons, food, rocks, shooting galleries AND MORE!
Look PAPPY was there!
After leaving Wall Drugs we continued on and went on an excursion ride to the Badlands.  We saw Big
Horn sheep.  It was really cool.  I didn't think I would see any.  The geology there was cool.  There was a
fossil trail that contained a few fossils in boxes to see.  They were from the near past rather than Dinosaur
To take a break a while later, we stopped in Mitchell, South Dakota at the infamous Corn Palace!  The place is
covered in grains and corn.  Corn is used for murals.  This years theme is... "Everyday Heroes 2008" I was
fond of the teacher mural.
So we drove ALL NIGHT!  And ended up in Coldwater at 10:30 est.  Chicago wasn't that bad to get
through but the toll roads were insane! .80$ here 1.60$ there, and .60 $ just to get off the expressway!
Holy poo! By the time I got to Michigan I paid almost 10$ in toll.  So for the next few days internet may
be sproadic so I will update as I can.  I plan to be in Michigan for the next few days visiting with family!