Current Location; Hill City, South
Temp at arrival 71 F
Average gas prices: $4.09/gallon
June 18, 2008
Since I have left home there has been no decent cup of
coffee.  There must be some kind of ban on Starbucks coffee
once you cross over the Sierra Nevadas.  I must look for a
suitable alternative.  Each morning the "hotel" coffee is
served in a machine that sputters and spurts and coughs up a
foamy milky like substance they call a "cappucino" hmmm....  
Or the coffee is served in a coffee well that I have to hand
pump and usually tastes like water.  So for the past 2 days I
have had a morning headache and no way to relieve the pain.
Today I found this... A Mountain Mudd espresso "kiosk"  I
hesitate to purchase coffee from a drive up kiosk... but I did
and it wasn't too bad but I still miss what I am used to.. I am
spoiled, I know... there is no fixing it.
We took off and drove to Devil's Tower. 75 mph speed limits and no one on the
freeway except a massive supply of bugs gets us there quicker than a buffalo on
ice.  As we drive into the Wyoming countryside the tower sticks up and is
predominant over the landscape!  AMAZING stuff, I am such a rock nerd. I can't
help it.  We took a hike around the base of the mountain and I told the kids the
story of the Legend of Devil's tower.  (see this link...
There was a whole darn field filled
up with chirping prarie dogs.. awe
aren't they cute?
Next we continued to
Custer South Dakota to
see Crazy Horse.  This
sculpture is MASSIVE..
the whole of Mt.
Rushmore's presidential
heads can fit in the head
of Crazy Horse...
Crazy Horse also had a really nice
museum that celebrated the various Native
American Cultures across the United
After the weather threatened to rain
and started to release some fairly
LARGE drops, and the sky rumbled
like bowling lanes in the far
distance, we made it to Mt.
Rushmore.The weather cleared and
we hiked the base of the mountain.  
Very impressive.  Did you know
there is a hall of records between the
heads and the set of spires/pinnacles
behind them?  Well.. I have to read
more about it and find out what they
keep in it, I don't think National
Treasure 2 is all that accurate,
someone once told me not to believe
everything I see on TV.
The original plans for Mt. Rushmore
was to create a very large full
figured set of presidents but the rock
was not stable enough to continue
the project.
Before we left we saw some very fuzzy,
yet sharp mountain goats.  Don't you want
to take the little one home??
Tomorrow, Off to see DINO BONES!
and possibly Wall Drugs and the Corn
what else is there in South Dakota?