Current Location: Gillette, Wyoming
Temp at arrival 82 F
Avg Gas prices: $4.09/gallon
June 17, 2008
What time is it ANYWAY!?
We changed time zones, from pacific to mountain.  2 out of 4 cell
phones changed time automatically.  Then later in the day they
reverted back to pacific time.  So now I am totally lost as to what
time it really is.  Sometimes I have to ask a park ranger what time it
is just so I don't miss things like, ooohh... Old Faithful geyser. Or
maybe even getting to a place before it closes.  It was kinda nifty
that I went back in time and didn't require a Dolorian or Flux
capacitor (Back to the Future reference for all you 80's lovers).
Doodley doo, doodley doo! I am on vacation I really shouldn't care
what time it is!

We went back into Yellowstone to see the last few major points we
didn't see yesterday.  We drove in with 3/4 tank of gas and an
expectation to see a bear.  Heading to the north end of the park we
spotted another bald eagle. Amazing birds!
We continued our journey to Mammoth
Terraces.  Gorgeous!  The colors were
amazing, the stink... well.... ever been
around someone who ate hard boiled eggs
for lunch? Heck, ever made hardboiled
eggs??  Yummy...
The deposits of sulfur and calcite left
these amazingly gorgeous flows. As we
started to head down and out of the park,
A BLACK BEAR!!!! NEVER in all my
hiking have I spotted a bear in its natural
habitat, and THERE it was! Just picking
away at the grasses and ignoring the
plethora of gawking humans.  Isn't he
cute? He just wants a hug!
We drove down through the Grand
Tetons and out of the area to continue
our travel through Wyoming.  It is a
really beautiful state with a variety of
As we were
driving I
spotted a
moose and calf
down below
and took a
photo, too bad
mommy moose
wasn't up for a
photo session.
hours of
Wyoming can
get boring.
When we were in the Grand Tetons,
we found a really nice Native
American museum with artifacts
from many Wyoming tribes.
Up for an interesting find?  The
worlds largest mineral spa!  
Yessssssss, in Thermopolis,
Wyoming! I know the words are
small, but the hill is painted with
the words, "Worlds Largest
Mineral Hot Springs" with arrows
that point down to it.  Oh and
there are neat mineral fountains
and dino statues.  Never did find
the Dino Museum....