June 16, 2008
We headed out of Burley at 7:00 this morning.  It is often times nice
to be oblivious to how long an adventure will really be until you are
well into it.  The place we stayed was really nice, there was a
pagoda with hot tub, well manicured grounds, and heated pool.  We
went swimming and ate dinner at 10 pm.  Then after fighting for a
while to upload pictures and information, I crashed.  I was ready to
keep going this morning though.  We jumped into the truck and I
thought perhaps 2 hours until we reached Yellowstone park
entrance.  HAHAHAHA! More like 4.  So goes life.  I needed to go
potty and wouldn't you know it, a great rest stop in Idaho complete
with a science lesson about the area's local volcanic geology, so we
went for a hike.
We kept driving and driving and driving... Commute time in Idaho consists of
about 6 cars on the 84.  As we drove we started to see the Grand Tetons on the
Wyoming border.  Those are some really Grand Tetons! (big boobies ) Still a
lot of snow for being June! As I continued down the road I took some pictures
for my nephew Justin who showed me his potato last week.  Justin, they are
growing LOTS of potatoes in Idaho!
We reached Yellowstone around noon after looking for lodging in West
Yellowstone.  "No vacancy, no vacancy, no vacancy." And gas prices even
in the middle of the park are cheaper than California.
Idaho/Montana/Wyoming are starting to look good.  Except it gets really cold
and snows and roads close, and there are no jobs,and the towns are small and
smell like fertilizer.

One of the first sites we saw entering the park was the bald eagle nest.  I took
a picture and thought of my other nephew, Shane!  So here is a picture for
you Shane.
We also saw heat loving bacteria that
lived in the geothermal ponds, lakes,
and mudpots.
There were hundreds of Bison.  Many crossed the
road in front of us! Talk about stopping traffic.
Apparently left over dirty hard
snow isn't out of reach for an
impromptu snowball fight.
Artists point, how apropos.  Stunning.  A
smaller version of the Grand Canyon.
Just as the sun was setting an elk
walked up and let me take his
Yellowstone and Grand Tetons continue tomorrow!
Current location: West Yellowstone, Montana
Avg Daily temp 73 F
Avg Daily gas prices $4.18/gallon