July 25, 2008
Avg Temp 104 F
Current Location Bakersfield CA
Avg Gas $4.22/gal
Ahhhhhhhhhhh..  I got to sleep in a touch, but I woke with a headache and ended up out of bed
early... the room was FREEZING last night!  I had to go sit on the patio this morning and thaw

We got up and went to IHOP for breakfast (International House of Pancakes).  Then headed to
CALM.  CALM is the Calfiornia Living Museum.  It is like a small zoo of sorts.  This place
takes in animals that would not otherwise have a place to live and presents the information about
the animals and their habitats to the general public.  They have lots of different types of animals
there as you can see from the map of the park below.
I have never seen bears so ACTIVE!
Most of the time you go to a zoo and
they are sleeping, dozing, laying on their
backs...  It was hot out too; you'd think
they'd find a nice shady spot and just
sleep! But they were chasing each other
and having a good time!
When we left CALM we took a ride down to the park at the bottom of the hill where there was an
old waterwheel, probably a mill 100 years ago.  Of course being the photographer I am, I had to
stop and check it out.  Too bad it is in disrepair and there are no signs to tell the history.
It remained FLIPPIN' hot the
whole day.  We got back to the
hotel where we decided to cool
down again.  POOL time! Oh
yeah.......... Peter finally learned
how to float on his front and
back.  Billy is still a little too
nervous to put his head into the
Ok, so we have established that there is little to NOTHING in Bakersfield.  So let me share a
few things they do have... they have every store you can think of, and since there are over
300,000 people, there are a million places to eat and shopping centers around every corner.  So,
if your house is hot, go shopping.  They also have oil derricks.  Everywhere.  Literally.  No
joke.   see...
I think that about sums it up for Bakersfield. No wait... there is one more thing! BUCK OWENS!
Well, see, Buck liked Bakersfield and settled in there,
right tight 'n cozy.

So there is the Buck Ownes Crystal Palace where you
can go listen to live music and have a big dinner and a
beer! (or not) Now I am not a
huge beer fan but there
are some places where beer pairs well, and a place like
the Crystal Palace just calls for a tall glass of dark lager.
Buddy Alan was playing that night.  Buddy Alan and the
Buckeroos.  The whole place is a museum about Buck
Owens and his life and times.  We walked around and
looked at all the memorabilia.  I even took a picture with
Hey! HEE HAWS! I had these
pants when I was a kid!
Actually Monica, my sister, got
them for her birthday and I got
them as a hand me down... here
is Monica with them on... can't
seem to find a picture of me in
them. I remember seeing one in
Chicago when I was out playing
in the leaves. Hmmm...
Ok, I know what I am about to say will
shock and amaze you. I watch WWE.
(pause for you to regain consciousness)
This car reminded me a bit of JBL.  He is
the country texas looking wrestler who
always has a cow moo upon his entrance.  
He drives a limo with steer horns attached
to the front. This car was created by Nudie,
a famous Hollywood tailor to the stars, as a
gift for Elvis.  Supposidly Buck won it in a
card game that he apparently cheated at.
Here is Ashley and I  waiting for our
Filet Mignon Salad.  mmmm...
Buddy Alan was on stage sining while we visited and
had dinner. Sam loved to bob his head and tap his feet
to the music.  Dan (Jen's hubby) made it in and joined
the festivities.
This was my boys first
real time with a live music
event.  As you can see
they are
totally into it.  
Peter has his DS out
keeping himself occupied.

This place was really nice,
especially after a couple
of really big beers... wink
wink. Actually I was
walking back to the hotel
(literally around the
corner) so no worries. I
stumbled over just fine. I
am kidding! 2 beers over
4 hours was perfect.
Really, even without
beers this is a really nice
place.  I loved the
ambiance of it all.  I really
liked that when you
booked a table it was
yours all night long.  
It was really good to see Jen and her family again.  She has such good kids and she is
such a good mom.  I miss them all and wish they could come back up north.

We went to bed that night where I had my first expereince with a hotel room ghost.  
I brought my lap top with me as always so I can upload photos, check emails etc...  
The boys played zoo tycoon before going to bed and then shut down the computer,
closed the lid and went to bed.  I woke up at 4:00 am because I heard someone using
the computer.  I could hear the keys typing and the mouse clicking.  I thought one of
the boys got up because they couldn't sleep.  So I rolled over and looked at the
clock.  All the while the typing and mouse kept clicking away.  It was 4:02.  I sat up
to tell them to try to go back to sleep and there was noone there and the computer
was shut and off.  Strange.  So I got up, went potty, and went back to bed.  In the
morning I found out that the boys had run the battery down too, so there was no
way it was on during the night.  Believe it... or not.
Kestral - Bird of Prey
Racoon - "Rub my belly, I won't bite!"
The California Black Bears.  They can
be brown, tan, black and cinnamon.
Rick and Sam.  "Ok, You can pick me up now!"
Read this with a country Western twang...
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