Average temp 96 F
Average Gas prices $4.49 as low as $4.19
Current Location: Elko, Nevada
June 30, 2008
Once we got back on the road we kept on driving through Salt Lake city, stopping only for potty
breaks, to take a few pictures of the Saltair Resort and to stop and take a picture at Bonneville Salt
Flats.  Otherwise, it was drive drive drive.

Tomorrow, we drive home.  Unless there is something we come across to stop at, it is a 7 hour drive
back home.  It will be good to sleep in my own bed, sit on my own toilet, have more than a few outfits
to choose from, and catch up on my soaps.

ALSO: a bit of good news... I got my job back for next school year, I will be teaching 4th grade!!!!!

I am going to add photos as soon as I get my stupid computer to see the stupid camera..

Sleep tight... see you tomorrow Joi.
Ugh... I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired. I have seen so much countryside it is amazing but hours in a car day after
day is crazy.  I have had a really nice time though.  I am glad that I took the boys back to Michigan to meet their extended family.

We drove from Rock Springs, Wyoming to Elko, Nevada today.  I have no idea how many miles that is.  We did a lot of stops
on the way, including Super Wal-Mart for extra socks.  No one wanted to wear the extra pink ones I had stowed away in my

One of our first stops was in the Flaming Gorge.  The strata was all different colors, dark grays to yellow, reds, and oranges.  It
was a really pretty gorge.  The only thing that bothered me was the little animals that kept darting across the road, I spent more
time looking out for them than looking at the views. If ever they wanted to commit suicide they wouldn't have to think too hard,
they are already hanging out in the road.  Not only will the cars and trucks get them but they might as well be carrying a sign that
says, "HEY EAGLE, EAT ME!"

We stopped at the Flaming Gorge Dam to learn some Dam information.  :) I thought about the tour but it was an hour long and I
didn't think it would be too much different than the Shasta Dam in California.
We continued the drive to Vernal, Utah where we drove to Dinosaur National Monument only to find out
the one really cool exhibit was indefinitely closed. I was disappointed.  The thing that was closed was the
big wall with all the dinosaur bones in it.  That would have been really cool to see.  Instead we did an auto
tour through the park where we saw various WAY COOL ROCK FORMATIONS! I am such a rock
nerd.  I LOVE ROCKS!!!!!  I liked turtle rock and Elephant toes.  There were also petroglyphs.  When
we left we stopped by the Utah Natural History Musuem in Vernal.  That was a really nice museum with a
lot of bones, dinosaur tracks, a great film about how the area formed, and skeletons of various dinosaurs.