June 29, 2008
Average temp 82 F
Average Gas prices $4.09 as low as $3.84
Current Location: Rock, Springs Wyoming
We left at 7:20 this morning and headed for Mammoth Site in Hot Springs South Dakota.  It was a
really pretty drive once we got off the 90. I still saw many pronged antelope just grazing away in
the hills.  It is good to see that they are doing well.  It is also good to see how much space there is
in this world.  Cities are so packed and so tight that people are less tolerant and more angry.  The
futher away from the big cities the more mellow life becomes.  People are friendlier, hold doors
open for you, ask you how you are and mean it, tell you stories about the way things were and
are, and in general are MUCH more pleasant to be around.  The rolling fields, rivers and streams,
and wildlife add to the mellow natural vibes of the world.

We arrived at the Mammoth site at 9:10.  Just outside there was a group of Amature Radio
Operators.  I guess today mu
st have been field day.  My boys were too chicken to go talk to any
of them.  Both boys are also Ham radio operators (Amature Radio).  KI6LRE and KI6LRF.   We
went inside where we got a tour of the facility.  So far they have found 56 Mammoths.  2 are
Wooly Mammoth and the rest are Columbia Mammoths.  Also an interesting note, they are all
males.  Scientists believe that they are all male because females remained in groups where males
would wander until they found a mate.  There was once a sink hole where the mammoths would
fall in and be unable to get out.  They would drown from exhaustion or starve to death.  The shale
surrounding the sink hole was so slippery that there was no way for them to get out of the pit.

Below are some images from the site which is completely covered and is still an active dig.  All
bones are real bones and not replicas.
After leaving this place we continued the journey into
Nebraska.  A side trip landed us at Chimney Rock near
Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  I have seen this on TV and in a
plethora of Westerns.  It is the obligatory backdrop of
many a western film.  Once upon a time the pioneers
passed through here on the Oregon trail and used the
top of it as target practice for guns and cannons.

The rock is fairly soft and it is eroding away at a fairly
quick rate in regard to geoligical time.  Someday, it
won't be there, thank goodness I got a picture! (ok,
maybe 30 pictures... well you never know if they are
going to turn out ok.)
Coffee still sucks everywhere I
go.  I want to go back to where
someone knows how to make a
REAL cup of coffee.   I keep
falling asleep and the coffee isn't
doing anything.  Kind of tastes
like dishpan water. Ewww.