June 15, 2008
We left town about 6:00 this morning.  Gas prices were notoriously high,
$4.59/gallon.  We took a side tour to Donner Summit.  Beautiful up there.  We drove
to Reno, Nevada where we stopped at a great place called Animal Ark.  All the
animals are saved from being euthanized and are given a great home to live out the
rest of their lives.  Many animals have injuries that keep them from returning to live
in the wild, while some were raised by people and then when people couldn't deal
with them anymore, they were given away.  I love this place. There are bears,
mountain lions, bobcats, lynxs, coyotes, wolves, etc.  (see the link)
I have conquered Donner lake!
Donner Summit view point
Donner Summit snow sheds
Animal Ark
White Bengal Tiger
The drive through Nevada was long and arduous, there has to be a way to beam me to
the next location.  These images above are from Idaho.  The antelope on the right is a
prong horned antelope, the fastest land animal in the U.S. and it was just hanging around
on the side of the road.  Not too long after that we saw a Coyote crossing the highway,
which was really scarey! Glad he didn't get hit by a car. (The antelope is the second
fastest land animal in the world.)

Hours and hours of driving has wiped me out and I lost 1 hour of time today!  Tomorrow
it is off to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.  Hopefully the internet is better tomorrow,
I keep getting dropped here!

Current location: Burley, Idaho where the temp at arrival was 82 F and gas is