The Cabin 2011
The Cabin 2011
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the smell of nature! The drive up this year seemed relatively easy after having trekked across the
United States for days on end. It felt more like a backyard trip! I loved the fact that when I stopped for gas I didn't
have to run out a check the cooler to see if it needed ice! A 4 1/2 hour trip is pretty awesome! I did, however, go
searching for my road trip Gummie Bears. They had none, so I settled for the Life Saver gummies. They aren't the
same. Just don't fill my tummy with the same jelly goodness as a real Gummie Bear does.

Mary rode up with us this year as Mike was coming back down from Oregon and meeting us near the cabin for the last
leg of the trip. We got to hear all kinds of great poop jokes all the way up.  Here I'll share a lovely website that gives
you MANY
definitions of poop.. enjoy it.. I know I did. :)
The drive up is always nice. We Drove up 80 until we got to Soda Springs exit and went toward Donner Summit on the old highway. The huge granite boulders are
gorgeous. There were ant sized climbers wriggling up the sheer faces of the mammoth rocks. As we wound our way through we stopped to take a few pictures of
Sugarbowl during the off season. I think I could probably ski this now.
When we reached Janesville we met up with Mike who was waiting at the old Chevron station at the bottom of the hill.  He'd found a nice cool location under a
tree. It was 97 degrees outside, and I really am not sure how long he was there before we arrived. I think we did an amazing job though lining up the times of arrival
from two different states! We started our ascent and we watched the temperature begin to drop as we climbed. By the time we reached the cabin it was at least 10
degrees cooler.  Don and Carol greeted us and moments later so did the nose of Sky, right up my crotch. Got to Love dogs. Carol had a new member of the family
in her arms... I am not sure how she spells it but Roxy or Rocksy is her name. She is a sweet 4 month old kitty. I am completely jealous of the cat and the dog. I
could live there and be content. They have wireless, and although they are off the grid, they have all the comforts of home.
This picture was from the 2010
trip, but it just so captures the
relaxing evening atmopshere and
the beauty of the cabin that I
needed to share it again. Mike's
dad, Don, sleeps in what seems
to be the most uncomfortable
looking chair.
The first night we hung around the cabin, had great food, and visited with great friends. We took a few small walks around the area of the
cabin near the stream.  There are so many wildflowers up there that I am unfamiliar with. Carol told me the names of many of them. I wish
I'd gotten out my sketchbook earlier to record more information. I took photos, so I can always work on them later. I know what to bring with
me next time. The mozzies (mosquitos) came out in the evening chasing Mary into the house really fast. Carol gave me some stuff to put on
and I braved the swarms. Ok, I am exaggerating, it wasn't swarming.  If you ask Mary it was probably so thick with mosquitos that you
couldn't see 1 foot in front of you. :) Mary, Carol...... I found this great App that send out a mosquito frequency to keep them at bay... I
downloaded it but havn't had any mosquitos to try it on!  I can see them now, their little mozzie feet plugged into their little mozzie ears
screaming for mercy... HAHAHAHAhahahaha... sorry that was evil...
Next step, coffee art....
We decided to climb up to the top of Mt. Clark. It looks SO
high from the cabin! I was a little worried, but Peter, (who
has never been there) assured me that it would be a piece of
cake. I put on my hiking boots, strapped on my back pack
and we headed for the mountain. Lucky for us there was a
road that took up mostly up the mountain. After much
manzanita bush scarring and bumps in the road, we made it
to the staging area. No trails, no guides... just start hiking.
We moved around the bottom looking for the easy way up
and finally decided we were just going to go up the basaltic
rocky side.
But! We made it to the top! When I took off my backpack my back was completely covered in gross sweat! Ewwwww! The views were stunning from the top! I
was completely amazed that I made it up even with my heart skipping beats! On the way down though I managed to slip on the loose rocks and whack the crap outta
my shin! It is just finally not feeling sore (a month later). When we returned to the cabin I had to take a shower, there was no way I was going to sit around in my
own swill. Blah! Although the cabin is off the grid, Carol and Don pump the water in, and run a propane backpack heater that heats water at the tap. It is awesome.
There is more than enough water to take a shower.! And boy I needed it!
After rolling in the hay with Sam Adams and  relaxing for a bit with a summer ale we decided to take a short
stretch and walk over to an abandoned cabin for a quick explore. The cabin hasn't had anyone in it for 10 years.
There is a lot of junk piled around: old cars, half eaten batteries, a stagnating swampy marsh, an old hillside
cooler, and loveseater outhouse. It was interesting to see what you could find beneath layers of pineneedles and
squirrel poop. I have half a mind to fix 'er up and use it as my summer getaway. Although, I might have to learn
to go to the bathroom standing up. Not so sure I'd sit on that pot any time soon. Something might come out of
the hole and bite me in the arse.
We had an absolutely fabulous time. The boys loved perfecting their billiards, and getting out into nature. I
thank Mary and Mike for being great friends, we enjoy your company, and I especially thank Carol and
Don for opening their home to us and becoming treasured friends. I enjoy learning from you and spending
time cooking and hiking, and just plain having fun! Thanks for the relaxing 3 days!
On the way home I kept hearing... "Buffet...Buffet...Buffet!" Next thing
I knew we were in Boomtown having brunch and shopping at the
world's largest store of death, Cabella's.
over and out...
The night didn't cool off as much as expected so I awoke less chilled to the bone. I came prepared with gloves and a winter hat, two
sweaters, and 2 jackets, JUST to be sure :).  Carol was already in the kitchen whipping up a great breakfast, but most importantly,
coffee.  She made a pot of regular strength, and a pot of strong Kona coffee.  THANKS CAROL! How did you know?? I love being on
vacation and getting good coffee.  There is nothing like waking up to a pot of fresh brewed, strong, hot coffee... mmmmmmmmmmmmm.